Improve Your Kids’ Intelligence Through The Interior Design Style Of Their Room

There is no need to impose your demand on your children that they have to be a good student though your sayings. You can encourage the potentiality of your children through some specific objects. They  are not something too strange, you can put them right in the bedroom of your child.

Let’s check out this article to see 9 ways to decorate the bedroom so that you can nourish  the intelligence and creativity of your children from their first years.

1. Decorate The Bedroom For Girls Or Boys To Foster The Intelligence Of “Space-eyesight”

According to some researches, there are 8 types of intelligence. Knowing each kind thoroughly is crucial for your child to promote the creativity and ability to acquire knowledge in the future.

Among these kinds, the intelligence of “space-eyesight” is very essential.

Children can learn through some common objects, three-dimensional space or colorful toys. By looking at pictures, children can study faster than looking at letters.

“Space-eyesight” intelligence increases the ability to memorize and retrieve information. With the decoration of the bedroom for kids, parents can create multidimensional space by utilizing  objects such as furniture, rugs, curtains, and many more.

Besides, the way you choose and match the colors of items in the bedroom can boost the children’s cognitive function.

  • Encourage this kind of intelligence by space of simple cubes mixed with synchronous colors.
  • With the bedroom for boys, parents can use two opposing colors such as Coban blue and orange.
  • The bedroom for girls should be painted in pink

Typical color for girls’ bedroom is pink

2. Inspire The Intelligence Of  “Math-logic” For Children Having A Strong Personality

If you want your kids to be better at Math, strengthen the connection of them with logical thinkings and pictures.

“Math-logic” intelligence boosts the ability to logically think and convey thoughts . You should decorate the bedroom of your kids with numbers, the relation among numbers, number of objects, and so on. Logical potentiality enables your children to adopt  ability to reason, realize the law of cause and result and predict the upcoming events.

Math is an interesting subject

  • Toys in the bedroom should be puzzle, Rubik, block so that the children will have more chance to think logically
  • Hanging pictures or drawings that are related to numbers, mathematical formulas, the universe, and so on

3. Decorations Promote The “Language” Intelligence

“Language” intelligence is positioned in the left side of the brain.

When Using ornaments with words written on them  in the bedroom for children, you can boost the communication skill of them. The ability to realize and control language assist your kids to communicate fluently in the future. Hence, they will do well in foreign language subjects.

Writing foreign words on the wall is an good idea

By hanging pictures, photos with some English, French or Spanish words on in the bedroom of the children, parents can make their kid get used to the foreign language or their mother tongue quickly.

Also, parents should set up a bookshelf for bilingual books. However, these books should be kept in the alphabetical order so that the kids won’t be confused when they want to choose a book. Here are some tips for decorating the bedroom to increase the “language” intelligence

  • Hanging pictures, photos close the table, bed, or at visible corners of the room. 
  • Using blackboard in the bedroom with a view to increasing the language ability of the children

4. Improve The “Interaction-society” Intelligence Through Bedroom Decorations

Are you worried that when your child sleeps alone, they  will feel abandoned and become more distant?

If you are, let’s train the “interaction-society” intelligence of your children from his early years. Imagine how wonderful it is if your lovely child can be sympathetic, sociable, interactive. These are the compulsory characteristics of a leader.

Parents can encourage children to participate in interactive actions with friends like reading books, story-telling contest.

Make the bookshelf more eye-catching so that the children are more interested in reading books and have more ideas to tell stories.

Add a double bed for the children to have more chances to interact with their siblings.

5. Decorations For The Development Of “Music-rhythm” Intelligence

Apart from having intelligence of “math-logic”, “language”, “space-eyesight”, some children are prone to being excellent in musical intelligence also known as the intelligence of “music-rhythm”. This intelligence is a natural gift that not everyone can receive.

Mini piano is suitable to be place in the bedroom

Music can ease the mind of your children after a rough time of studying. You just need to buy your kids a guitar, a drum, or a mini piano and place it at the corner of the bedroom. When they have spare time, they can play these instruments, sing and dance.

  • Decorate the bedroom of your children with a piano
  • A guitar hung in the wall can be seen as an ornament or an object for your children to relax


We have shared with you 5 methods to decorate the bedroom of your children so that they can be more intelligent and creative. one of these ways may help you to find out which kind of intelligence your children has as soon as possible so that you can help them them to develop it. Keep following our website for more useful information.