How To Choose A Suitable Mattress For Your Sleep

How to choose a suitable mattress for your sleep? There is no doubt that changing a new mattress is not an easy task. In addition to having hundreds of models to choose, the problem is that sometimes the mattress is comfortable for one person but causes back pain for others.

The criteria for determining a good mattress are quality, durability, comfort to use, health benefits, convenience, and affordable price. Accordingly, a good mattress of pure cotton is preferred by many consumers as it meets the above criteria and is suitable for the majority.

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How Does Mattress Affect The Quality Of Sleep?

People usually spend a third of every day for a night’s sleep. After an eight-hour working day, your body needs an appropriate sleep to release stress and recharge the battery for the following day. If you wake up the next morning without being better, then it’s time for a new mattress! Your body deserves to have a night of quality sleep.

You should not confuse the quantity and quality of sleep. If your mattress does not properly support your back, neck, shoulder, a long sleep will not make you restful. You may wake up in the morning getting back pain and still tired.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to wake up full of energy when using the suitable mattress even if you get a shorter sleep.

When Do You Need To Change Your Mattress?

A night of good sleep is important to your health and mind. If you suspect your mattress may be responsible for your shallow sleep, review these signs to make sure that it’s time to replace your mattress.

Mattress’ lifespan

How long is the mattress’s lifespan? The average lifespan of a mattress is around 7- 10 years. A low quality one may last 5 years, but a good one can last up to 10 years. However, mattress’s lifespan depends much on mattress type, material, quality, user’s weights, usage, you name it. 

You need to understand these factors to have the methods to make it last longer. If your mattress has been used for a long time, that’s one of the signs to change a new one.

Unpleasant feeling


An unsuitable mattress brings uncomfortable feelings

Over time, your mattress will eventually go out of shape, and then it cannot give you a comfy sleep anymore. 

The upper part of the mattress supports your body and provides pressure relief. As this part wears out, it may cause poor sleep and pain in your back and neck. If you get better sleep on a hotel mattress or your friend’s room rather than at your own home, your mattress might not be suitable to use as before.

Saggy mattress

After a period of use, all mattresses will be saggy and lose their firmness. You can easily observe the sag in the middle of the mattress. Saggy mattresses can lead to shallow sleep and cause aches or pains in your body. 

If you notice this sign, it his might be time to get rid of your mattress

How To Choose A Suitable Mattress For Your Sleep? – Useful Tips For Buyer

With dozens of options to consider, purchasing a new mattress can make you overwhelmed. While choosing a mattress is related to the personal hobby, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Read reviews from those who have purchased.

Focus less on what mattress sellers say about their products, as they have to show the positive aspect to attract the customers. Search unbiased view from the real buyer of the type of mattress you are interested in. Consider both positive, negative, and neutral reviews. When reading reviews, make sure to consider the source – are they on a trustful website?

Ask for suggestions online.

Post on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter that you have to replace your mattress, and ask your friends and relatives their recommendation. Your post consists of details about your interest, state of health since some people might have a similar situation and can give some more useful advice.

Test out mattresses in the stores

Visit mattress stores and spend time to experience products. Lie down on a few types of mattresses about 10 – 15 minutes, change the positions a few times to decide whether it brings comfort feeling. Don’t feel weird, you will get a better chance of buying the right one.

Check the warranty policy.

Before you buy, be sure that there is a warranty for the mattress promising to repair or replace it if reasonable within a specified period of time. Manufacturers usually offer a 10-year warranty with good mattresses. You can consider the warranty to protect your benefit.

Decide your budget

A good mattress will follow you for a long time and benefit your health. Do not hesitate to invest the money for a good one or the one you extremely like even if you have to pay a higher price. 

In some cases, a slightly more expensive mattress is more economical than a cheaper one due to its duration. You also can compare price and shipping fees among stores or search for stores that have promotions to save your money. 


A good mattress is not the only factor for a good night’s sleep. You need to pay heed to other factors like your eating habit and bedroom furniture. You cannot have a deep sleep if you drink tea or coffee or eat too much at dinner. Besides a mattress fitted for your bed, you also need a good pillow, air conditioner or fan for appropriate temperature


Hopefully, after reading this article you will know how to choose a suitable mattress for your sleep. Don’t hesitate to purchase a new mattress if needed. You deserve a good sleep after a long-hour working day.