10 Best Sunscreen for Melasma in 2020

Individuals with melasma need to make the right choice when choosing the best sunscreen. This is essential as the wrong decision will lead to a disaster; melasma is due to imbalances of the hormone system, which worsens when the individuals are exposed to sunlight. To prevent melasma from getting worse protection is vital.

Getting the best sunscreen for melasma is a very vital element for your protection. This is because; you’ll be protecting yourself from UVB and UVA rays, which prevents the condition from getting worse. We, therefore, compile a list of ten of the best sunscreen for melasma that you can purchase.



When it comes to BurnOut SPF 30 For Face & Body, it’s among the best products to use in protecting yourself from the sun’s radiation. The product has ticks boxes, which makes it ideal for individuals with melasma. The sunscreen offers a variety of broad-spectrum protection to prevent your skin from ultraviolet radiation.

The product has zinc oxide as the active ingredient; it also doesn’t have ingredients capable of stirring up negative hormones. This, therefore, makes BurnOut sunscreen the best and safe for everyday use. The product has matte finish components, which ensure that no white cast is left on applying the product. Additionally, the BurnOut SPF 30 For Face & Body is free from fragrance, nanoparticle, parabens, and oil.

The sunscreen is lightweight and goes for a reasonable price considering its quality.


The DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ design is particularly creative, it uses zinc oxide-based, and it’s a broad natural spectrum; all thanks to the ingredients used. The product uses natural ingredients giving its customers a suitable experience. The product is fragrance, nanoparticle, and parabens free.

The DeVita company takes pride in the utilization of natural components in the manufacture of this sunscreen. The components cannot trigger negative hormones, making it an excellent choice for you. The sunscreen also has hydrating ingredients and vegan, not to forget a high concentration of the active component.


The Invisible Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30+ provides a broad spectrum of protection to the user against UVB and UVA harmful radiations. For individuals dealing with melasma, this sunscreen is ideal due to its SPF of 30+. The product also has a high concentration of zinc oxide, which protects the skin and preventing it from absorbing UVB and UVA radiations.

The Invisible Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30+ is ideal for people with sensitive skin as it poses no threat, because; it’s free from fragrance, hormone disruptors, and parabens. This product has exceptional absorption power and a great texture; it’s tinted, which leaves your skin with a healthy glow. It contains a transparent finish, which makes the product blend with the user’s skin tone. This sunscreen acts as an excellent foundation for makeup.

When it comes to the Invisible Zinc Sunscreen, it’s ideal for individuals with a lighter skin tone and those that have a darker skin tone. The users won’t have to experience greasy or white streaks.


If you’re an individual dealing with melasma in other parts of your body, then the Zealios Sun Barrier Water-Resistant Zinc Sunscreen is ideal for you. It’s recommended to apply the product twice in a day for optimal results. The product provides broad-spectrum protection, which makes it effective in offering coverage against the sun’s radiation. The sunscreen contains an SPF of 45, which is accepted by most medical doctors for skin protection.

Its active ingredient is zinc oxide, which is effective on dead skin cells; it’s also water-resistant as it takes eighty minutes before it washes off in the water. The product is made with individuals who are water sports in mind. It contains a dry feature, which does not get into your eyes, making it ideal for athletes. The sunscreen is parabens and oil-free.


When it comes to the Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, it has an SPF of 50, which means its design is protecting your skin. It’s tinted thus offers optimal protection against UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. The product delivers its benefits with the absence of other irritants and fragrance; not to forget sheer and hypoallergenic feature.

The Obagi Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, not only protects you from the harmful radiation of the sun, but it also protects you from IR. This keeps your skin safe from oxidative stress that is as a result of heat. The product’s active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.


The Heliocare Ultra Sunscreen SPF 50+ is the perfect sunscreen for individuals with melasma. The product is a physical sunscreen with all the necessary components; that sunscreen for melasma should have. The product is, however, pricey, but its features make its price worthwhile; it has a high SPF, which combines with the active components, zinc oxide, and titanium oxide. This enables the product to deliver a broad spectrum of protection against the sun’s harmful radiation.

The sunscreen is free from hormone disruptors, fragrance, and parabens, which are capable of worsening your melasma condition. The product is made for individuals with extremely sensitive skin in mind, who require optimal protection. You can be able to utilize this ointment, even after a clinical treatment for melasma without affecting your extra sensitive skin or causing any irritation.

The Heliocare Ultra Sunscreen is an appropriate choice for people with greasy or mixed skin who usually have breakouts. The sunscreen does not have comedogenic lipids, which leads to blackheads; it also has a moisturizing effect making it ideal to utilize with makeup every day.  The ointment blends well absorb excellently, and it’s lightweight. Its sheer finish prevents the users from having white streaks on the face. The sunscreen is ideal for utilization with your makeup as well.


The EltaMD sunscreen is a broad-spectrum product just as the name suggests; it helps in protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. The product contains zinc oxide and titanium oxide as the active ingredients; it also has an SPF of 41, which provides maximum protection. In case you have sensitive skin, then this product is ideal for you. This is because; it’s free from parabens, fragrance, oil, and hormone disruptors.

Individuals with melasma can use the EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 even after a post-procedure on the skin. If your undergoing a melasma treatment, then this product is gentle enough for your skin and it adds another layer of protection. The ointment is suitable for makeup application, as it has a light tint and a transparent finish.

When the ointment is applied on your skin, it blends flawlessly and naturally, giving you a smooth, satiny, and brighter skin. With the EltaMD UV Sunscreen, it mitigates all your worries when your outside and exposed to the sun’s radiation. The product is also forty minutes water-resistant.


When it comes to the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50, it’s a mineral ultraviolet light that has tinted sunscreen. Physicians and doctors highly recommend the sunscreen to patients suffering from melasma. The product offers broad-spectrum protection, which protects your skin from harmful rays; it’s also a physical sunscreen.

The La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 uses titanium dioxide as the active component. The product can be applied daily on your skin without any side effects. The sunscreen’s texture is light and desired; it doesn’t have a greasy or sticky feeling.


The face Moisturizer by Olay Complete is manufactured with Vitamin E and B3 and Aloe, which helps in improving your skin health.  The product can handle melasma, as it’s a lightweight moisturizer that offers immediate hydration to your skin. The sunscreen features broad-spectrum protection and SolaSheer Sensitive Technology, which helps in protecting your skin from UVB and UVA rays.

In addition, the sunscreen is oil-free and non-greasy; it’s also non-comedogenic, making it safe for individuals with sensitive skin.


Anyone with melasma skin issues can apply the Mychelle Sun Shield Liquid Tint with its nude color; the product blends well with your skin tone. For women who have issues with makeup, this cream blends effortlessly with their style. The ointment has an SPF of 50, which makes it a broad spectrum and capable of working against UVB and UVA rays.

The product has zinc oxide as the active ingredient and its oil-free; it replaces skin cells that are deformed with time and have a change in color. This makes your skin glows and freshens it regularly; the ointment is to be applied twice a day correctly. This will give you significant changes within six weeks.


1. What’s the difference between zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in sunscreens?

Zinc oxide sunscreen is safer and effective when compared with titanium dioxide sunscreen. Zinc oxide is a better absorber of UV wavelengths than titanium dioxide, which means zinc oxide provides more protection against UVB and UVA rays. Titanium dioxide contains free radicals that have oxidative damage on the skin cells that result in skin aging.

Zinc oxide is an active ingredient in sunscreen, which is recognized by the FDA as safe for usage on babies less than six months of age as a diaper rash cream.

2. When and why do I need to reapply sunscreen?

Reapplication of sunscreen is necessary, and it’s recommended to reapply the sunscreen after every two hours or as required. This can be after sweating, towel drying or swimming, if you’re swimming or sweating, then you can go for a water-resistant sunscreen. When you reapply the sunscreen, it provides the first application of sunscreen a boost in its effectiveness. It, however, does not prolong the time that you can stay under the sun.

Individuals who suffer from melasma need to reapply sunscreen frequently; this prevents sun damage from occurring.

3. Should individuals with melasma avoid UVB or UVA rays?

Yes, individuals who suffer from melasma need to avoid Ultraviolet B and Ultraviolet A rays. They can do this by using sunscreen that has broad-spectrum protection, to protect them from both rays.


Before purchasing any skin product, it’s essential to be aware of your skin type. If your shopping online go for websites that are known, it’s also vital that you go for products that are recommended by your physician or doctor.  When you’ve chosen a sunscreen ideal for you, the products should have a guarantee or a strong brand image. It’s a good option that you also have an alternative. Try different sunscreen options before selecting the perfect suit for you.