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03.06. Ice Cream • Scott Hardware • Galya Chikiss

Two Toronto based Duos, on their European Spring Tour, making a long stop in our shop for a Live-Concert³, which we're happily presenting:
Ice Cream & Scott Hardware
[Synth-Pop//New Wave//No Wave]

Plus Berlin-based Russian songstress Galya Chikiss [Minimal//Pop]

Ice Cream
Minimalism and disaffected cool go hand-in-hand in music. The songs on their debut album "Love, Ice Cream" consist of little more than hissy, clattering drum machines, warbling synth leads and one very pissed-off sounding bass guitar. Ice Cream's simple ingredients, and the album as a whole is a strong intro to the duo's monochrome disco, neither new wave or no wave, but something else entirely. (https://noisey.vice.com/en_ca/article/ice-cream-debut-lp-stream-2016)

Scott Hardware is the new synth-pop incarnation of Scott Harwood, who previously recorded as Ken Park. His new six-track EP, Mutate Repeat Infinity (2016 on Banko Gotiti Records), finds the artist connecting his love of both dance music and new wave pop, while subtly taking on queer political issues in his lyrics. (https://thump.vice.com/en_ca/article/scott-hardware-mutate-infinity-mix)

Galya Chikiss
- also known as Chikiss and for the entrancing transcontinental duo Video Salon with musician Brian Pyle (Not Not Fun Records).


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14.06. The Hangout with Sven Glatzmaier

The Hangout - weekly DJ-curated Bar-Nights in various Styles of Music

...this time from Schlager to Metal with the real unique Sven Glatzmaier

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